About Marketbox Business Analysts


To be California’s first-choice tax advisors for small businesses that want to thrive.

Mission Statement

Through industry knowledge and quality experience, our consultancy offers a comprehensive suite of services proven to ensure your success.

Value Proposition

At Marketbox Business Analyst, we are changing the way small businesses reach success. By providing competitively-priced enterprise management tools normally reserved for large companies with big pockets, we are giving our clients access to tax planning, exit planning, accounting software, and business analyst services. Our industry knowledge and expertise allow us to provide comprehensive solutions that will efficiently and effectively improve your business operations, finances and investments. With our suite of services, you will be able to manage everything in one place while saving money.

About Us

Marketbox Business Analyst was born out of a strong desire to fulfill the needs of the small business market segment with unparalleled tax, accounting and software services. While most consulting firms target large companies, we offer affordable solutions in a customizable system that manages business operations, finances and investments. Based on software and policies & procedures that provide critical information for decision making, problem-solving and day-to-day operations, we are giving small businesses access to trusted, high-quality solutions. Whether you are looking for integrated services or a single tool, we have the knowledge and expertise to strengthen your business.

Jorge Gomez

Jorge Gomez

As a qualified economist and registered tax planner, I draw on over 16 years of experience supporting small businesses with their tax and accounting needs. As an industry expert, I’ve made it my mission to help my clients have access to financial capital while building and maintaining healthy accounting systems to achieve tax compliance and savings. I specialize in working with distribution, wholesale, franchise, and manufacturing businesses while offering a focused approach to saving them money while improving their financial standings. My deep understanding of business processes, inventory control, AR and AP, custom reporting and bookkeeping software allows me to surpass my clients’ expectations. From purchasing and implementation to business modeling, customization and ongoing support, I provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that ensure my clients’ lasting success.

Powerful Tax Reduction Strategies

We are more than accountants, we are highly-educated tax advisors. With our effective, legal, and ethical tax reduction strategies, our clients pay the lowest amount of tax required by state and federal standards. Call Marketbox Business Analysts at 818-900-2325 to schedule your free consultation today and learn how we can reduce your taxes. As a thank you gift for scheduling a free consultation, we'll provide a copy of The Great Tax Escape*.

*The free book offer is limited to successful business owners who fit our target audience.